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  Devices for railway stations
 Trains coaches washing machine TE 80 LCF (Italy)
For washing and rinsing operations while moving along platforms.
 Trains' toilets waste vacuum cleaner SCRC EB (Italy)
Trains' toilets waste vacuum cleaner.
 Electric lifting unit TE 30 PERLA (Italy)
Electric unit with lifting, moving and 360° rotating platform.
 Electric tow tractor TE4MT (Italy)
Electric towing tractor with carrying platform.
 Lifting equipment TE 60 PERSOB (Italy)
For maintenance and transport of train's Power Packs and Converters.
 Electric lifting platform PRESTO (Italy)
Electric automotive lifting platform on rails for trains side and top maintenance.
 Electric platform truck PE 12 PBSH (Italy)
Specifically designed for train coaches' battery replacement duty.
 Trailers (Italy)
For different applications

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