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     Kemira - a partner you can rely on.

   Company "A-SpecTehnics" began a successful partnership with the leading finnish manufacturer of de-icing reagents "Kemira".
Kemira's product solutions can be found in many industries and dozens of countries around the globe. The technical competence and focused commitment of the company towards finding effective, environmentally sustainable solutions to the needs of its customers, has been proven time and again over the years.
   Kemira's de-icers are marketed under the brand name Clearway®. Clearway is acknowledged as the market leader in airport runway de-icers, and the product range has been developed and expanded to include both acetate and formate based liquids, along with a complimentary solid product range.
   De-icing and anti-icing both describe ice control strategies that are based on the chemical freezing point depression. Anti-icing is a preventative strategy, while de-icing is a reactive strategy for ice control. Anti-icing is carried out to prevent the formation of an ice sheet, and de-icing operations are intended to break the bindings of already bonded snow and ice.

   The most important objectives of de-icing and anti-icing operations are:
1) to clear runways, taxiways and aprons of snow and ice, and to prevent the bonding of ice to the surface;
2) to improve safety and traffic flows at airports and on runways;
3) to improve road safety and increase traffic flows;
4) to help transport equipment and emergency vehicles to run more smoothly.

Novel de-icing chemicals should be:
1. effective;
2. biodegrable and enivironmentally sustainable;
3. safe and easy to use;
4. with a good price/quality ratio.

Clearway meets these requirements in full. Designed to meet the challenges of combating ice and snow in all weather conditions, there is no better solution than the proven Clearway products.

   Major Italian company that manufactures special equipment for airports, DARMEC Technologies S.r.l, whose official representative in Russia is LLC "A-SpeńTehnińs", began selling its line of electrical machinery, which for several years actively used in the European market.
   The main reason for the choice of technology with an electric motor is a significant reduction in operating and maintenance costs compared to a standard diesel engine.
   Another important reason is the preservation of ecology and environment.
The goal of development and promotion this line is ensuring environmental sustainability and economic efficiency in the control of aircraft.

   Company "A-SpecTehnics" began a successful partnership with one of the leading German manufacturers of conveyor loaders "Laweco GmbH".

LAWECO Maschinen- und Apparatebau GmbH was established in 1979 by Dieter Brinkmeyer (†) and a partner in Espelkamp. Starting as a manufacturer of lift platforms, LAWECO quickly evolved as a specialist for customised solutions.

The family owned company LAWECO is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality lifting systems in Europe. Worldwide, renown engineering companies count on quality and reliability.

LAWECO's strong engagement throughout Europe is also reflected in the establishment of LAWECO UK Ltd. sales company, which groups all activities in the UK and Ireland providing closer contact with its customers.

The product range of lift platforms and tables covers all fields of application. Especially the response to individual customer requirements reveal LAWECO's competence in design, quality and execution.

The LAWECO product range also includes the traditional brand CARGO MASTER, aircraft ground handling equipment that includes a scissor lift platform that is now to be found in all major airports in the world.

The LAWECO quality principle:

LAWECO makes a lot possible, but does not allow any quality related compromise. Precision, operational reliability, operator safety, high availability and longevity have absolute priority. For this reason, LAWECO is the first choice as a manufacturer of many customers, today and in the future.
Stable production processes, qualified employees and competent suppliers result in exemplary quality management documented by numerous certifications.
Each lifting system must meet the same high standards, today and in the future, each production step is meticulously documented to allow spare part deliveries without problems even after many years.
LAWECO's typical strong point is its availability of all required capacities and knowledge to produce customised lifting systems at the highest level. Every order challenges our capabilities and ambition to supply first-class product quality.
Production of high-end lifting systems for the most varied fields of industry means to compose and tailor proven individual components and modules to form customised entities.
6.Innovative strength
LAWECO's goal is not only the optimisation of products but to create new standards and impulses.
7.Team spirit
Even when it is painful at times, they only make promises that they can keep. They prefer to be honest with their customers, for instance, by not holding back if for safety reasons additional components have to installed, than to supply a product that does not meet their own high quality and safety standards.
Future global markets are a challenge that they gladly accept, not only by supporting their customers with their international projects, but also by taking on their competition.
They are convinced that quality justifies its price and is irreplaceable by anything else in the long run. 10.Responsibility

    The company "A-SpecTechnics" at the International Exhibition of airfield equipment "Inter Airport Europe 2013"

   8-11 October 2013 in the Bavarian capital, Munich, hosted the International Exhibition of airfield equipment "Inter Airport Europe 2013." "A-SpecTechnics" actively participated in this large-scale event.

   Our company has held talks with leading manufacturers of equipment for airports from Europe, Asia and the USA. Entered into a number of agreements on further cooperation.

   The exhibition presented the aircraft lavatory service, which is produced by the Italian company "Darmec", ordered by "A-SpecTechnics" special for the Olympic Games 2014.

   "Inter Airport Europe" - is a leading global exhibition industry airports. During the four exhibition days, a total of 640 exhibitors from 37 countries presented the latest equipment and systems available, whether for terminal, terminal-adjoining facilities, runway, apron or hangar. With a record floor space of 28,300m? "Inter Airport Europe 2013" was bigger than ever.


     SIMAI is the tale about an Italian entrepreneur's passion for technology and about his dream of designing and building the best material handling vehicles for industry, logistic and services.
     A challenge begun in 1952 and running through the years with dedication and involvement.
     A constant improvement endorsed by the manufacturing of products always more innovative, efficient and safe. That is also reckoned by the Leaders in material handling, often choosing SIMAI products to fulfil specific requirements.
     After 60 years of serious work and huge investments, SIMAI can be considered the Italian point of reference in material handling, one of Europe emerging realities also thanks to its product range.
     SIMAI means passion, innovation and excellence, always pointing to the future, investing every year part of its earnings in research and development for innovation. The president Luigino Garegnani doesn't want SIMAI 60th anniversary to be just a celebration, but a new starting point for new goals and impressive successes.

- New special equipment for the emergency evacuation of aircrafts (recovery dolly), produced by Austria.
     In 2013, the company "A SpeńTehnińs", offering its customers a full range of services on supply of equipment for airports, started promotion of Austrian recovery dollies assembly in the Russian market.      The company "R&M airporttechnik OG" is located in the federal state of Styria, Austria. The company was founded in 2005. It is primarily focused on the production of recovery dollies and tables for aircrafts. Advantages of K&M recovery dollys:
  - Load is distributed over 16 wheels to prevent grooves in run- and taxiways made of asphalt;
  - Loading platform can be lowered flat to the runway:
such that an aircraft, which is disable due to a tire damage, can be removed within just 20 minutes;
such to enable a gentle recovery with minimal loading on landing gears;
  - Aircraft can be towed in both directions - forward and backward;
  - The same applies when aircraft is taken by dolly from behind;
  - Unlocking of skid- wheels preventing landing gears of lateral loads;
  - Simple and straightforward operation;
  - No time- consuming personal training required;
  - No maintenance costs.


    The company "A-SpecTechnics" at Airshow China 2012

    The company "A-SpecTechnics" participated at the 9th International Air Show "Airshow China 2012" (Zhuhai, China).

    Our company had some negotiations with some of companies from China, Asia and Europe, also signed some agreements on further cooperation on delivery of airfield special vehicles.

    International Air Show is held every even-numbered year, since 1996. The place of the Exhibition is Zhuhai (China). At the air show participated more than 600 companies from 35 countries. Exhibitors settled in the halls with a total area of 21 thousand square meters. Quantity of visitors exceeded 300 thousand people.

    Visit to Shanghai

    In September the Management of A-SpecTechnics had a business trip to their partner, Chinese company Shanghai Cartoo Machinery Co., Ltd.
    Programme of the visit included excursion to the manufacturing workshops, discussion of ways to promote the products of Shanghai Cartoo Machinery Co., Ltd. on the Russian market and signing of an agreement on mutual partnership.
    General impressions from Shanghai exceeded all our expectations. Of course, Shanghai is different, but we were lucky to see modern, fast-growing city with good roads, fantastic skyscrapers, ancient traditions, delicious cuisine and hospitable people.
    If you want to get into the future, come to Shanghai and you will see it from The Bund.

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