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   "A-SpecTechnics" LLC has own service center in Moscow region comprising qualified personnel trained on the manufacturing plants of ground service equipment for airports.

High-quality service, good training of airport personnel and fast delivery of components and spare parts are the priority lines of our company.

   We invest in order to maintain the required number of spare and associated parts in stock, reducing the time of their delivery to the customer in case of warranty and post warranty events.

   Service center provides a wide range of services in order to support reliable operation and continuous exploitation of equipment in airports.

    Those include:
  • put into operation and commissioning,
  • training of airport personnel,
  • warranty repairs,
  • post-warranty service,
  • maintenance of equipment.
Works executed by service center:
  • installation and commissioning operations,
  • training of airport service personnel,
  • warranty repairs with minimum response time,
  • supply of spare parts and consumables for maintenance,
  • modernization of specialized machinery, integration of new associated parts and installation of additional equipment at the discretion of the customer,
  • maintenance of conveyor equipment and ground service specialized machinery.

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