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   Electric Tow Tractor TE 250 RR
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    Heavy-duty high-performance and long-range truck, for continuous service. The driver's seat is located forward and ensures high front and rear visibility under maximum towing conditions and improve stability.
All SIMAI units are manufactured and certified in compliance with the Machine Directive and bear the CE mark.
The shock-resistant supporting type chassis in thick oxygen-lance cut plate increases grip and allows for maximum exploitation of the motor's torque.
The TE250RR may be equipped with a closed cabin with glass windshield to approved standards, front and rear electric wipers and 2 easy-to-remove automotive-like chassis-hinged banging doors or with sliding doors.
The battery box, equipped with an automatic coupling device, is located behind of the cabin.
A small platform is located above the battery.
High-performance hollow-shaft electric AC motor, integrated in the driveline via cascade reduction gears and epicyclical reduction gears on the wheels. Speed measurement via gear sensor.
Speed control with electronic HF Mosfet inverter with battery energy recovery. "Man on board" device under the seat or, upon request, with pedal.
Standard hydraulic steering.

Front and rear steel helical spring suspensions with shock absorbers and stabilizer bar.
Service brake with pedal and MiniServo double pump casing, acting on all 4 wheels with double circuit. Front disk brakes with Brembo 4-cylinder callipers and easy-to-access oil bath rear multiple disks braks.
Mechanical lever-type parking and emergency brake. Negative parking brake also available on request.
Complete instrumentation on adjustable steering column: key switch, digital dashboard (including hour counter, battery charge indicator, speedometer, check control for immediate detection of any fault or breakdown), lights switch, turn indicators, handbrake warning light, rear control consent for slow approach. Complete automotive-like shockproof lights. Anticollision lights.
24 V secondary circuit, from battery with DC/DC converter. Automatic towing hitch to approved standards, with pin. Other available upon request.

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