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  Aircraft towing tractors
 Airfield electric tow tractor M528 (Germany)
For single and double nosewheels, for aircraft & helicopter, also for some aircraft with nosewheel-cover.
 Apron Tractor (Push-Back) TG-5012/5016 (Spain)
Traction power (DBP): TG-5012 = 5450 daN. (12000 Lbs)
TG-5016 = 7270 daN. (16000 Lbs).
 Aircraft tow tractor QY200 (China)
QY200 tow tractor is the medium sized aircraft tow tractor designed with Max. DBP of 200kN.
 Aircraft towing tractor CTP120TQY (China)
Is designed to perform the pull and push operations on narrow and medium body A/C.
 Aircraft towing tractor CF-QY390 (China)
Innovative airport towing tractor. Designed for towing or pushing back aircrafts weighing up to 400 tons.

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