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Ground Power Units. Aerodrome ground power unit is designed to provide the aircraft with power supply, to provide aircraft with electric power supply 115/200 volts AC at 400 Hz and DC 28 volts. Output Voltage Instability +/- 1%. Power factor 0.8. Single-bearing generator brushless self-regulating of MECC ALTE brand, "HCO38-IL / | 24 (24 pole) series. IP2 mechanical protection class, insulation class Н. Completed with electronic voltage regulator. The generator corresponds standards of BS 2G 219 –EN2292-ISO6858 MIL-STD-704F. Detailed description of the GPU models range listed below is available upon Customer’s request.

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Ground power unit (Converter units) for onboard aircraft network. Converter units designed to convert electrical current of 400 volts 50 Hz to a voltage of 115/200 volts 400 Hz. Converter unit has the ability to supply the AC with constant electric current of 28 volts as well. Rectification 12 pulsed Power factor> 0.96 while 100% load. The possibility of simultaneous use of the 400Hz output 115/200 volts AC and 28V DC output. Options are available. Detailed description of the GPU Converter models range listed below is available upon Customer’s request.

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Aerodrome aircraft heater. Aircraft heaters are designed to heat the cabins and engines of various types of aircraft. The heaters of models listed below are equipped with a Deutz diesel engine and a Bentone diesel burner with power capacity from 120 to 200 kW. The chassis of the heater is made of a high-strength tubular structure, which provides the heater with a low center of gravity, reinforced tires are mounted on tapered roller bearings. Heater KOCOVERK DELTA III is made of galvanized steel, aluminum and stainless steel to prevent corrosion and rust. Heaters are equipped with a 12-meter air hose with a special lightweight adapter with self-locking handles.

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The aerodrome heater ОДМ-120 is designed for temporary use while heating of engines, gearboxes, cabins of airplanes and helicopters, as well as for supporting operations to heat ground support equipment. The heater is a mobile unit working on liquid fuel. The generator provides electric power supply, 400/230 V, 50 Hz, 8 kW. The fuel system consists of a metal fuel tank with a capacity of 220 liters, equipped with a fuel sensor and a filling nozzle. The heater has three modes of operation: Position 1 = ventilation only; Position 2 = +55 0C (low temperature); Position 3 = +70 0C (average temperature); Position 4 = +115 0C (high temperature against de-icing).

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