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The trolley designed for storage on board aircraft and delivery of on-board meals and drinks to passengers.

Produced in two variants:

• Standard: 816х302х1030 mm

• Truncated: 407х302х1030 mm

Made of anodized aluminum using sandwich panels. All doors have magnetic lock built from trolley panel. All panels are painted in standard blue color or any other as desired by the Customer. Lock joint has rigid tension handle with customs seal and hinged lock. Top working panel can have built-in dry ice box. Inner surface of aluminum panels has guides. Trolley bottom has flat surface without protrusions and recesses. The trolley is equipped with a system of brakes that act on all rotary wheels. Brakes for truncated model can act on two or four rotary wheels. Brake is activated by pedal. Maximum wheelbase and width are optimal for trolley's stability.

Inflight service trolleys can be delivered with the following options:

• Retractable table to enlarge the work surface;

• Several side boxes;

• Replaceable side panels;

• Pairs of doors;

• Closing doors with gate valves;

• Multipurpose side lockers;

• Drawing logo;

• Removable side panels;

• Hinged table to enlarge the work surface;

• Built-in dry ice box;

• Air holes;

• Bumper.

Weight - 15 kg. Country of origin - China.

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