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Runway Reagent Spreader. The unit is designed to spray granulated reagent, as well as sand, salt, calcium chloride and prevents the road surface from icing. The vehicle is made taking into consideration the increased load, effective in cleaning the snow on runway of airfield as well as on city streets and avenues of considerable length. The body and working mechanisms have done full cycle of anti-corrosion treatment, which guarantees their reliability and durability in use, as well as comprehensive protection against climatic factors. The vehicle body is durable and reliable, made of SS400 steel, V-type with a protective coating. Rotating disk: has a rotation speed of 500 ~ 800 rotations per minute, the movement is transmitted from the hydraulic motor. The control panel is installed inside the driver's cabin. Detailed information can be provided upon Customer’s request.

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Runway Liquid Spreader. The installation is designed for spraying liquid anti-icing reagent to prevent the runway from icing. The Spreader is designed to distribute (spray) liquid anti-icing agent on the surface of runways as well as highways, bridge crossings and other surfaces of various purposes in order to prevent them from icing. Distinctive feature of the liquid spreader is the distribution of anti-icing reagents to large width up to 20 meters and a large spraying distance of the reagent. Detailed information can be provided upon Customer’s request.

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