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XFTyphoon5600 airport snow remover is a new generation of compact multi-function airport snow removing vehicle developed by CIMC-XINFA AIRPORT EQUIPMEN LTD. It has the functions of front pushing, middle sweeping and rear blowing. It is suitable for winter snow removal on airport runway, taxiway, apron, high grade highway and other sites. The snow removal truck is designed and manufactured with international advanced technology, which has the technical characteristics of high reliability, high clearance, high snow removal efficiency and high intelligent level. And adopts the special chassis customized by Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd which has service stations in Russia, with the functions of four-wheel drive and front two wheel steering, four-wheel steering, crab steering.

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The TSB402 rolling Brush-Blower 2-in-1 snow blower is a newly designed product developed according to the military / civil aviation demands, and the rolling brush and snow-blowing devices are freely interchangeable.The TSB402 adopts the special snow-removal chassis, which is co-developed by our company and Shaanxi Automobile Group Co.,Ltd.Major parts of this chassis including the engine, automatic gearbox, driving system, steering system, braking system, suspension system and etc,are exchangeable with chassis of Long Bow Snow Remover LSR401 .Widely used for snow removal operations at the runway, taxiway, linking taxiway and other areas.

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